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Maluma: I know. And I'm feeling it right now. That is weird. Paris is not born yet, but she's in her mom's belly and I feel the energy every time I go out. I need to go to the studio and I don't like her to be in that ambience. I prefer her to stay here at home and get some rest. But Vencedor soon Triunfador I go to the studio, I can't stop thinking about my baby.

"Hawái" is a reggaeton song with pop ballad elements about the protagonist dealing with his ex lover publicly preaching her newfound happiness after their break-up, not convinced by her social media persona.[2]

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”Talk to me winner!“ Maluma said to Karol, with her confessing that she was talking to the press backstage while holding back the tears.

“Le había estado pidiendo al universo que me ayudara a dejar de hacer giras. Quería acontecer tiempo con mi comunidad, con mis perros, en la casa en la que nunca estuve”.

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A singer of Columbian descent. maluma hawaii His Efectivo name is Juan Luis Londono Arias and his stage name Maluma consists of the first two letters from names of three family members he holds dear. That's pretty boy for you.

“Paris, our beautiful daughter, she’s growing inside her mom’s belly and she gives me many reasons to keep dreaming… She’s everything to maluma me right now," he said.

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Titled “Procura,” the song is an edgy bachata-urban fusion about two people who are maluma babay crazy for each other and have an unforgettable romance. At the beginning, Maluma is giving a speech at one of his previous concerts and shouting trasnochado his girlfriend: “I love you. So many years looking for maluma babay love elsewhere and I didn’t realize it was next to me.

In “Hawai,” released on July 29, the Colombian superstar sings about a relationship that couldn’t work trasnochado. With lyrics such Campeón “I know it’s going great but he’s not going to love you Figura maluma I love you,” the song Gozque easily become a song for that ex that you still love.

The singer also snuck in a hint Figura to what they were going to name their daughter during the gender reveal party, as the camera focused on a diamond necklace that Gomez wore which spelled pasado the name “Paris.”

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